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General Information

General Information


Alcohol Consumption / Smoking Regulations:

The minimum drinking and smoking age in Japan is 20 years old. Drinking is allowed in public and on the streets but smoking is prohibited. Please only smoke in the designated areas, both indoors and outdoors.



September is very hot and humid in Japan. It’s also the season for typhoons with temperatures ranging from 20°C at night to over 30°C during the day. We recommend bringing light, thin, breathable clothing and something with long sleeves to wear for night and indoors.



The official currency in Japan is the Japanese Yen (¥). Foreign currency exchange facilities will be available at the International Airport when you arrive. There is also a currency exchange machine at the Tsukuba International Conference Center, and the Okura Frontier Hotel/Epocal will allow up to $300 (US dollars) or €300 (Euros) for exchange to Japanese Yen at their front desk.

Post offices and 7-Eleven chain of convenience stores are equipped with ATMs, with English guidance, allowing you to withdraw cash in Japanese Yen from your bank account using a debit or credit card issued in your country.

Most major places in Japan will accept credit cards but there are still many places that only accept cash so we recommend withdrawing some cash to carry with you.



Tap water is safe to drink anywhere in Japan. You’ll also be able to find vending machines just around every corner if you prefer something other than water.


Power Adapters: The standard voltage in Japan is 100 Volts AC, and the frequency is 50 Hz. Japanese power outlets are of Type A (2-pin plugs). You may need to bring an adaptor for your electrical appliances if it does not match these specifications.


Publicity: The IOI may be recording, at its discretion, parts of the event for publicity purposes. By attending the IOI, you grant us permission to use, reproduce, and distribute (in full or in part) any photographs, videos taken of your team and/or sound recordings for publicity.


In Case of Emergency:

Call 110 for police.

Call 119 to report a fire or to ask for an ambulance.


Bank Details for Guest Fees: